Friday, February 1, 2008

Look, ma-- no hands!

Okay, she is getting some assistance, but Noelle is "thisclose" to walking by herself. I actually think she could do it if she tried, but so far she insists on holding onto someone or something to cruise around the apartment. Noelle is doing great these days. She spent the week getting comfortable with her new babysitter-- I go back to work on Monday-- and they hit it off very well. Noelle has also joined a baby gym, and she has a blast crawling up and down the mats. She is also very intrigued by the floor to ceiling mirrors-- she spends a part of every session just checking herself out!
Noelle also got a "thumbs up" this week from the pediatrician. She is still on the small side-- 25th percentile for height, but only 5th percentile for weight (19 pounds!)-- but otherwise, she seems to be doing well. Bathtime is going better, too! Today was her first bath without me in there with her (quick-- think of something else, you don't want the mental image of me in my bathing suit!), and she was hesitant at first but by the end, she had learned of the joy of splashing mommy! What else? There are dozens of things that happen everyday, I should be doing a better job of chronicling them. Mostly, she is a happy little girl. My nephew picked out a "Snow White" doll for Noelle at the Disney store the other day, and she loves it! She hugs it and squeals. Otherwise, her favorites are the toys that make noise-- she has a Fisher Price Learning Puppy (I think that's the name) and she revels in making it sing or talk to her. And even though none of the Mickey ears have her name on them, she is putting the "Daniel" ears to good use!


Christopher said...

She just looks so very happy! We are thrilled to get the update. (Can't imagine finding time to keep up with them is in any way an issue)

She'll be walking before you know it!

dnd82001 said...

Hi Jeannine I have been checking everyday for updates - so happy you got to post and the pictures are great. She looks like a doll! I'm so glad things are falling into place with the sitter & baths and sleep - it's all so wonderful!!

Looking forward to more updates,

Sonya said...

Hi Jeannine!

I am just checking in and I am so glad that Noelle is doing so well!

It took us about 2 weeks with bath time, but now Nick loves his bath. I usually give him a little extra playtime in there once I get him clean. He loves squirter toys!

Keep in touch! Sonya