Monday, February 11, 2008

Noelle and her gang!

Remember my meeting with Noelle's friends from Spain? Olga, the woman I told you about, sent me these great pictures of what Noelle was up to while I was back here in the states waiting for the waiting period to be over. It is heart-warming to see her so happy... Wait a minute, why was she so happy if I wasn't there?!?! Doctors and other parents tell you that the attention alone from a caring person can make the world of difference in these kids-- Noelle and I were very lucky that she found 4 (Olga, her husband, her daughter and her sister) of those caring people to keep her company until I could make it back to Kazakhstan. Thank you Olga!


Susan said...

How awesome is that. I am sure that is why Noelle is such a sweet loving child and is attaching to you to well
How neat to have those pictures!

Olga (i Pep i Ona) said...

I was very lucky to find you both in Almaty. Now we're able to see how Noelle is doing! And she's doing very well!!

Karen said...

How nice was that? To see her happy and had to make you feel all good inside.